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Nathan Bouldoires
Designer of Experience
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Ux+UI DEsign + product design


Oxygen is an application project connected to a mask filtering polluted air, for a healthier experience of sports practice in an urban environment.

Ux+UI DEsign + Space Design + Service design


As part of Orange's 5G competition, we developed a project for a connected urban farm. This urban farm is a new place to live in the city and thanks to the application it is possible to follow in real time the evolution of its fruits and vegetables.
Our project has been selected for the final of the 2019-2020 competition.

Ux+UI DEsign


This project consists of an application aimed at people travelling abroad for long stays and looking for accommodation and which guarantees them a secure use of their deposit. This application also aims to guarantee a better visibility on their roommates and on the rental agencies.

Ux+UI DEsign + Strategic Design


Spark is a partnership project with Prisma during my studies at Strate design school. This project aims to review Prisma's digital strategic approach, focusing on a new experience of discovering cities. This application aims to discover differently the cities we visit, by creating our own personalized memories.

Service DEsign


This project in partnership with Tactile studio was realized during my studies at the Condé design school. It is an urban furniture and an inclusive application that allows visually impaired people to discover a city in an educational way.

Thesis + edition Design


The edition of my final thesis proposes a new reading of the conception of our cities. Instead of designing a city based on individual housing, this thesis proposes a housing based on the notion of community. This thesis offers a critical vision and describes the limits of the current urban system while proposing the axes of a new practice in the use that we make of the city.

Ux+UI DEsign (Coming soon)


This project was done within the framework of a school partnership between the Strate design school and Idemia, a company specialized in digital security. The objective of this project was first of all to identify possible opportunities in different world regions. And then, through our working group, to propose a solution for the protection and certification of information on the web.

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