Nathan Bouldoires
Multidisciplinary Designer


October 2019-January 2020: Finalist of the Orange 5G Competition

This 5G competition allowed me and my team to develop Ceres, a connected urban farm project. The principle is to allow each city dweller to be able to maintain his or her vegetable garden in the farm of his or her choice and from a distance.
So we developed an application and its prototype, developed the viability of the project in accordance with 5G and of course made many user tests.

May 2019: LRDC Competition (Lucitopia Rural Design Challenge)

Participation in a design competition in China in the province of Jiangxi. The objective of this contest is to find solutions to the isolation of Chinese countryside and to make it more attractive. For this project, which took place in the form of a sprint, we went to meet the villagers to understand the causes of the exodus of local youth. Then during 4 days we developed the prototype of an application to improve the attractiveness of the village.

January-June 2019: Project partnership with Prisma and Idemia

As part of my "Master in design for smart cities", I was able to participate in collaborative projects sponsored by two companies Idemia (a company specializing in digital security) and Prisma (a media group). In these two projects lasting several months, the objective was to find new fields of innovation and to experiment solutions that could be applied later by both companies.

April 2018 - September 2018 : Assistant designer in Flynn Talbot's studio in London

During these 5 months in London, my role as assistant designer was to set up specifications, help Flynn Talbot to develop a library of biodegradable materials and help him to engage in a responsible approach towards the environment.

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My profile, like my studies, is very varied. Indeed, I first started working in space design and architecture at the Ecole de Condé, and thus I got a Bachelor in Space Design. Following this bachelor's degree, I started a master's degree in global design research and innovation at the same school. This allowed me to work with designers from other disciplines such as product design or fashion. After a year in this master, I decided to change schools for a training that was more what I wanted to go towards. The master in design for smart cities was where I wanted to go. This master, as its name implies, directs its training towards smart cities, what makes a smart city today? Technology? Yes, but not only, the use made of the city is essential and that is what today allows us to improve the quality of our cities. In this master's degree I was able to carry out projects related to the city but also, thanks to various partnerships, to create applications, services and products for the world of publishing, cybersecurity and telecommunications. But far beyond that, I was able to discover UX Design and understand its principles. To develop a systemic vision, to commit myself to the entrepreneurial path, to understand the requirements of management in companies but also the freedom that every designer enjoys in his creativity. Design is above all a playground for our curiosity, being open to all subjects, never closing doors, that's my definition of a designer.

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