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Project Overview
Ceres is a project that started with the Orange 5G competition for the 2019-2020 edition. This project was born with the ambition to provide city dwellers with local, organic and seasonal food! All this is possible because it is the city dwellers who control their production, they are the farmers 2.0. Thanks to Cérès you can remotely manage your plots and control the growth of your fruits and vegetables. Discover this project below.

Project's definition

This project consists, on the one hand, of indoor spaces on the outskirts of Paris where the plots are arranged and, on the other hand, of an application that retransmits in real time all the data on the fruit and vegetables grown.

The plots are variable in size and can be adapted as required by adding bins in height. Each plot has a control screen in case we decide to take care of our plots directly on site. In each farm there is a community farmer who manages the customer's requests but also makes sure that the tools used on the plots are working properly.

The community farmer also has a screen and can also prepare customer orders. Indeed, thanks to the follow-up of its fruits and vegetables, it is possible to anticipate the harvest period of its fruits and vegetables and thus ask for them to be delivered.


For this project, we started from a Make.org study that highlighted the desire of French people to consume more responsibly, especially by eating local and seasonal food.
In addition, we noticed the progressive rise of urban farm initiatives in Paris in particular. We found that no initiative offered city dwellers the opportunity to produce their own vegetables, which made us want to ask Parisians about it. So we went to several supermarkets of all kinds in Paris and asked Parisians about the possibility of being able to produce their own fruit and vegetables. We found that many Parisians are sensitive to their diet but do not act accordingly due to a lack of space or competence in this area.

"I try to eat organic and seasonal as much as possible, so I'm careful."

Sentence heard by a client who had a basket full of banana and avocado in the middle of winter in Paris.

Importance of data

This project is therefore only plausible through a substantial technological contribution, and in particular through very extensive data processing. Indeed, the sensors present in the various plots are in permanent communication with servers that process the useful data to be sent back to the user. This project therefore requires permanent processing of the data provided by the sensors.

Moreover, the data comes not only from the sensors but also from the user himself. The user will regularly change the watering and temperature parameters for an optimized growth of his plants.

It is therefore necessary in this project to have an optimized connectivity, hence the need for 5G, which will allow a precision in the monitoring and maintenance of the plants but also to identify very quickly possible technical flaws in the system.

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