Thesis + Edition Design
Project Overview
This book was first written for my thesis. I then decided to make it a real edition object.

Rotate the book


Today, cities are the mirror of our society. They are a set of networks that come from the imagination of those who conceive them. Imagination nourished by our culture, our education, by what surrounds and influences us, all that constitutes the collective imagination of a society. The post-war years in the West were a turning point in our lifestyles. The individualism that we will associate here with the notion of autonomy has not ceased to grow, starting with the massification of the private car to reach the emergence of the Internet, and the digital networks that have disrupted the use we make of the city. This model is now reaching its limits, whether economic, social or ecological. Our cities are becoming denser at an exponential rate, creating ever-increasing social disparities. It must therefore be possible to question the habitability of cities.The challenge today is therefore to understand the city not as a purely material and fixed entity but as a network in permanent movement, a porous system where the notion of community would establish a new mode of conception and reflection.

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