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Project Overview
Depos'it is an application that allows the user to find a housing solution abroad by guaranteeing the security of the deposit but also certified opinions on housing agencies and possible flatmates.

How the project started

This project was born after a personal experience that had a very negative impact on a 6 month stay in London. Indeed, this project is based on my personal experience of looking for accommodation in London.

At first, it was very difficult to find trustworthy agencies, the ones that don't throw themselves at you to sign your contract before you have even been able to visit your accommodation, the ones that ask you for advances, the ones that don't give you back your deposit. Moreover it is a race against time for you because you absolutely want to find an accommodation as soon as possible, and the agencies know it.

Finally it is the big surprise when you arrive in your apartment and discover your roommates, then either you are lucky and you match with your roommates, or the relationship does not go well. I guess you can imagine that I've fallen into the second category. And in the end it's war if you ever want to change your accommodation, because you are threatened not to give back your deposit and you're stuck.

And then by looking a little bit at the expatriate groups on facebook, I realized that there were a lot of them in my case. That's why Depos'it was born.


In this project, I drew a lot of inspiration from my personal experience, but I was also able to get some testimonials, notably on Facebook groups of French expatriates. Then I went back to the path I had followed from my search for accommodation until the end of my stay. Thus, I was able to find the following points of my journey: the difficulty to trust the rental agencies, the lack of information about the roommates and their opinions, the lack of control over one's deposit.

"I'm having trouble getting a holding deposit back. I filed a complaint with the small claims court. I'll see how it goes."

An answer to a questionnaire filed on the group "Le Cercle des français à Londres".

What Depos'it changes

This project improves the user experience on all pain point which have been raised. The user will be able to consult from home the opinions written by the other members of the roommates, but also the opinions on the different rental agencies.

Each user is given a reference number that secures all the information about their stay. Indeed, once his file has been accepted under the conditions of respecting the tariff conditions of each agency, the user will be able to return to his apartment and will have to take photos of the different rooms and/or furniture as proof in the event of a possible conflict. All these photos will then be added to the archives of his rental which he will be able to find on his telephone.
Finally his deposit is deposited on the application and is therefore not in the hands of the agency which will not be able to retain it authoritatively and will have to create a conflict file to block the deposit.

The project also includes a management platform for rental agencies that will allow better management of all files and easy retrieval of any file thanks to the reference number provided for each user.

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