Eyes Closed

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Project Overview
This project was done with the design studio Tactile studio. It is a design agency specializing in the design of museums or institutions providing educational or informative support for the visually impaired. The aim of this project is to enable visually impaired people to visit cities and integrate tourist circuits by discovering the city in a playful approach.

How the project started

At first we met visually impaired people to better understand their difficulties and learn about their disability in their daily life and especially in their daily movements which are a source of anxiety. Visually impaired people limit their movements as much as possible and keep journeys they know and trust.

The challenge was therefore to find a way for these people to discover new routes and let themselves be guided.


For this project it was therefore important to define how the direct environment could be read by the visually impaired. Touch allows them to mentally reconstruct their environment in a very effective way, it is through touch that they come to understand what is around them. Our objective was then to transmit as much information as possible through touch. By working on texture, 3d models and relief reconstitution, we were able to design an information kiosk open to all, a place of cohesion where everyone could find their place. Indeed, this information kiosk serves both visually impaired and sighted people and allows a new discovery of the city, by highlighting elements that are not very visible.

"How to create an inclusive and pedagogical information space?"

The initial problematic of the project.

An application to move better

This project is also the idea of an application designed in partnership with the Paris City Hall for visually impaired people to discover and find their way around the city. Thanks to a clear contrast, visible colors, a bold font, this work was specially designed by graphic designers to improve the experience of reading visuals.

This application is designed to help people discover the city in 4 distinct themes, depending on whether they are looking to relax, eat, cultivate and, finally, seek activities.

In addition to all this, an interactive Braille is installed on the kiosk and broadcasts live what is mentioned on the screen of the information terminal.

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