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Project Overview
Oxygen is the combination of a mask to filter polluted air and an application for running.  The aim is to enable people living in polluted urban areas to be able to practice their sport without compromising their health.  The application draws you the most suitable route for your breathing in relation to the data provided by BreezoMeter.
Air pollution is now the 4th leading cause of death in the world.

Project's definition

This project was produced as part of my studies at Strate School of Design. The objective was to produce a project related to air pollution in urban areas. I therefore decided to focus on the practice of sports in urban areas which can be a long-term trigger for many respiratory diseases. We  had to find a solution to limit the impact of polluted air on our sporting practice.

The first stage of the project was mainly to identify potential similar projects and to understand the weaknesses of these projects. It was therefore natural for us to realize that current running applications did not take the risk factor of polluted air into account at all. In addition, there are companies today that market filter masks for athletes, but these are not compatible with running applications that could use the data from a connected mask to improve the running experience.

My project is conducted in two parts: the first is the creation of a mask for athletes, which filters out fine particles and facilitates breathing, and the second is an application that guides the athlete on a less polluted route.

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