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Project Overview
Spark is a project in partnership with Prisma that aims to create a new experience of discovering big cities and eventually replace Delicity. Spark is an application that aims to personalize the tourist experience by recommending a city's most popular addresses. It also gives the possibility to create your own memories by creating postcards with your own photos.

Project's definition

The aim of this project is to facilitate the search for a place that corresponds to us, and to discover the city as everyone would like to discover it.

The objective is also to be able to share your favorites with your community and thus maintain your network. Recommendations are provided either by friends, influencers or official institutions.

Memories created during the trip can be shared and one can then return the memories by ordering personalized postcards.


For this project, we first analyzed why the service that was being developed at the time was not working, but also knew what the potential competitors on the market were. After having seen the opportunities on the market, we then started to research users in the field, especially large Parisian tourist sites.

"I choose my outing places from places I have spotted on social networks, or that friends have recommended to me."

A sentence from Paul, a law student, that we chose during our user interviews in the field.

The difficulty of organizing your trip

The plurality of platforms and the lack of knowledge of the places in the city that one wishes to visit make the organisation of one's trip complex. Very often we rely on the opinion of people we know and trust to choose their places of residence, visits, or even to eat.
Most of the time the people we interview will look at the opinions left on the internet to know the local specificities.

The need for trust is very important when we go abroad, we want to be reassured about the choices we make. But also to have access to clear information on all the choices you have to make.

An application that will change your relationship to travel

This application will change the trust relationship with your trip, the Spark application is now your personalized guide, but also your travel notebook because it allows you to recommend but also to create your own memories.

Your trip will never be boring again, invent your new trip!

Thanks !

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